Copying Fixed Assets in Dynamics AX 2012 using X++ code

In this post, we will take a look how we can copy fixed assets in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 programmatically using X++ code.

You need a job to execute the code.

In the AOT (Application Object Server), right-click on the Jobs node and click New Job.

Write the following code:

/// <summary>
///     This AOT Job copies a specified fixed asset  a certain number of times within the specified company.
///         Param "numberOfCopies" tells how many times the fixed asset will be copied.
///         Param "assetId" tells what fixed asset is to be copied.
/// </summary>
static void copyAsset()
    int counter;
    int numberOfCopies = 10; // Specify how many copies do you want

    AssetTable              assetTable;
    AssetCopy               assetCopy;
    AssetId                 assetId = 'BUIL-001'; // Specify the Fixed Asset Id
    SysOperationProgress    progress = new SysOperationProgress();


    assetTable = AssetTable::find(assetId);

        counter = numberOfCopies;

            progress.setCaption(strFmt('Copying Fixed Asset "%1"', assetId));

                assetCopy = new AssetCopy(assetTable);

                progress.setText(strfmt('%1 copies of fixed asset "%2" has been created.', numberOfCopies-counter, assetId));
                progress.setCount(numberOfCopies-counter, 1);
            error('Operation failed to completion.');

            info(strFmt('Fixed Asset "%1" has been copied "%2" times sucessfully.', assetId, numberOfCopies-counter));
            error(strFmt('No copies wrere created for fixed asset "%1".', assetId));
        error(strFmt('Fixed Asset "%1" cannot be found.', assetId));

Run the job. Assets Copied.


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